MA in Translation (2 years, 123 ECTS points)

You can apply for the MA programme if you have a BA with a good overall grade which is recognized in Germany, and an excellent knowledge of German (ideally, TestDaF 19 points). For details, see the following websites:

You may have to take an aptitude test, and you may be asked to attend a foundation module in translation, language and culture as part of the MA programme.

In the MA programme, as a native speaker of English you can either study German as your only foreign language, or you can choose a second foreign language, which can be Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish. Translation from your second foreign language will usually be into German. BA-level competence is a prerequisite for all foreign languages studied.

The MA programme is modularized. It includes

  • four core (obligatory) modules, two in translation competence and two in translation studies and/or linguistics and/or cultural studies,
  • and four optional modules, which you can choose from a wide range of options.

Within the MA programme, you can choose certain itineraries, namely

  • specialized translation,
  • community interpreting,
  • translatology and translation teaching,
  • literary and media translation,
  • inter- and transcultural communication, and
  • simultaneous and consecutive interpreting (limited number of places; aptitude test)

by selecting a specific combination of optional modules. Alternatively, you may prefer a broader, less specialized spectrum of optionals.

While the standard duration of the MA is two years, in practice you will be granted considerable flexibility. If, for example, you have a young child, or work part-time, it will be possible for you to attend fewer courses per semester and complete the MA in three or even four years. If, on the other hand, you wish to complete the programme in less than two years, you can do so by attending more than the standard number of courses per semester and using your vacations for coursework and revision.

The charge for the programme is €125.13 per semester. At present, most students do not have to pay tuition fees (click here for details).

For further information about the MA in Translation, see the website "MA Translation" (in German).