MA in Conference Interpreting (2 years, 120 ECTS points)

You can apply for the MA programme if you have a BA which is recognized in Germany, and an excellent knowledge of German and French. All applicants have to take an aptitude test (oral and written). For details, see the following websites:

In the MA programme, as a native speaker of English you will study German as your first foreign language (B language, excellent active competence), and French as your second foreign language (C language, excellent passive competence). Interpreting from your C language will be into English, not into German.

The MA programme is modularized. The following modules are obligatory for all students:

  • interpreting theory
  • consecutive interpreting
  • simultaneous interpreting
  • area studies
  • MA thesis (to be completed in four months)

There is one optional module.

The charge for the programme is €125.13 per semester. At present, most students do not have to pay tuition fees (click here for details).

If you have any questions about the MA in Conference Interpreting, please contact the advisor for foreign students ("Ansprechpartner für Deutsch als Fremdsprache").