International Summer School

Translation and Introduction to Interpreting (4 weeks)

The International Summer School is targeted at foreign students of German as well as working graduates who wish to benefit from the teaching expertise and the material resources offered by FTSK, and to meet students, teachers, translators and interpreters from a variety of cultures. The courses, uniquely among German university summer schools, focus on translation and interpreting.

The International Summer School does not offer beginners’ courses in German. You need some proficiency in German for the Translation and Introduction to Interpreting course, though your German does not need to be perfect.

The course comprises the following areas:

  • linguistic/textual skills (24 contact hours at 45 minutes each): vocabulary, style, language laboratory, understanding TV programmes, working with texts
  • seminars (16 contact hours): translation/interpreting studies, linguistics, area studies, translation-related software
  • translation (32 contact hours): general translation German - English, English - German; specialized translation (economics, law) German - English, English - German
  • interpreting (30 contact hours): introduction to simultaneous interpreting, introduction to consecutive interpreting, introduction to note-taking, liaison interpreting, conferences (simultaneous interpreting)
  • lectures (4 lectures)

On the first day of the summer school, you will take a placement test. Students will be divided into groups on the basis of the test results, and each group will be offered a programme tailored to suit its specific needs.

You will meet students with other native languages in all classes with the exception of translation/interpreting. This will give you the opportunity to practise your spoken German in informal contexts.

The fee for the course is at present €600. This includes the course and excursions (with entrance fees), but not accommodation and meals. Self-catering accommodation in Germersheim will cost you approximately €210-290 (single room).

For further information about the International Summer School, including dates and details concerning registration, see the School's German website. Please note that if you have serious difficulty understanding the German text, the School’s courses will probably be too difficult for you.