BA in Language, Culture, Translation (3 years, 180 ECTS points)

The prerequisites for the BA programme are a good knowledge of German (ideally, TestDaF 18 points), and a general qualification for German university entrance. For details, see the following websites:

In the BA programme, as a native speaker of English you can either study German as your only foreign language, or you can choose a second foreign language, which can be Dutch, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish. You can also take up a third foreign language (Arabic, Dutch, French, Greek, Italian, Polish or Russian). Ab initio courses are not offered in all of these languages. In addition to your language(s), you will study at least one non-linguistic subject, namely economics and business, internet technologies, law, medicine, or science and technology.

In your second (and third) foreign language and in the non-linguistic subject, you will be taught together with German students. This will give you the opportunity not only to hone your German skills in conversation with native speakers but also to practise intercultural communication. All languages are taught through the medium of German, which means that in your second foreign language, you will be required to translate for example from French into German. The School endeavours to offer supplementary 'cross connections' (for example French - English).

The BA programme is modularized. The following modules are obligatory for all students:

  • foreign-language competence (e.g. grammar and text production)
  • area studies (e.g. literature, history, politics, society)
  • linguistics
  • translatology
  • translation competence
  • non-linguistic subject (economics and business, internet technologies, law, medicine, or science and technology)
  • optional modules (either one or three, depending on the number of languages studied)
  • BA thesis (to be completed in seven weeks)

You can use the optional modules for specialization purposes. For example, if you are planning to do an MA in Conference Interpreting after your BA, you can prepare for this by choosing interpreting modules; if German is your only foreign language and you wish to do an MA in Translation in order to become a freelance translator, it would make sense to choose a second non-linguistic subject; and if you aspire to an EU career, you should study a third foreign (EU) language. Alternatively, you can also use the optional modules to improve your general knowledge of language(s) and culture(s). A work placement can be recognized as an optional module.

While the standard duration of the BA is three years, in practice you will be granted considerable flexibility. If, for example, you have a young child, or work part-time, it will be possible for you to attend fewer courses per semester and complete the BA in four, five or even six years. If, on the other hand, you wish to complete the programme in less than three years, you can do so by attending more than the standard number of courses per semester and using your vacations for coursework and revision.

The charge for the programme is €125.13 per semester. At present, most students do not have to pay tuition fees (click here for details).

For further information about the BA in Language, Culture, Translation, see the website "BA Sprache, Kultur, Translation".