German in Germany: Translation and Interpreting for Native Speakers of English

With almost 2000 students, the School of Translation and Interpreting Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies in Germersheim (FTSK) is one of the world’s largest institutions for the professional and academic education of translators and interpreters. It has over 100 partner universities in all continents. The School belongs to the University of Mainz, but has a campus of its own in Germersheim, a small town on the Rhine 65 miles south of Mainz.

The School's Department of German is unique in Germany in that it offers translation courses for foreign students on the basis of their mother tongues. These courses are tailor-made for the needs of non-native speakers. At present, about 650 foreign students are enrolled. Native speakers of English come from all over the world: Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, and Australia/New Zealand.

If you are a native speaker of English and have a good knowledge of German, the School can offer you an exciting range of courses, from a four-week International Summer School to an MA in translation or in conference interpreting.

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